~Books by AR Johnston~

Series – Tales of Ryely Drakcon & Romance

Portals & Promises – The Tales of Ryely Drakcon Book 4

Betrayal has come in the harshest of forms…family.
And Ryely isn’t prepared for her latest upheaval.
Ryely’s brother isn’t the only monster in her life anymore. And the newest one is worse, so much so it’s crushing her. Though if she has anything to say about it, Renley won’t survive the coming dawn.
What’s worse is Ryely’s new harem—as Clay has dubbed it—might be walking into a trap, and they have no idea of the internal treachery that has come out to play.
In order to survive in this dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, Ryely must put her faith & trust in the promise of someone who everyone else distrusts.
Will she make it back to her men? Or will this be the end of the Painted Princess and the White Queen of Dragons once and for all?
**This is a slow burn reverse harem series**

Rook’s Rule – Sudden Death Sequence Book 1

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned, and people end up dead.

When an undercover mission goes wrong, Rook Cavalier and his crew are left hunting a vicious criminal. There will be no holds barred this time around, no rule that can’t be broken. Even if it means stepping up to and over the line of his own moral code. 

Within this carefully planned game, Kes Hawkins is the one thing that Rook did not calculate in his plan. He finds himself wanting to make her his queen instead of a pawn. But can he bend the rules to make that happen?

With everything that has happened in her life can Kes trust this enigmatic, enthralling man? 

It could mean her life in this game of cat and mouse, and she doesn’t even know it.

Will the Queen be crowned? Or will her love and life be forfeit?

Portraits & Prophecies – The Tales of Ryely Drakcon Book 3

Trust is hard-won. Once it’s lost, gaining it back is next to impossible …

When Ryely finds out she is the Painted Princess of a prophecy that says she will be the one to change the realm, she has no idea what it even means. Life is never simple, or uncomplicated. Especially Ryely’s. 
People aren’t who they say they are, there are blossoming attractions where she never expected, a brother still out to kill her, and that’s just for starters. 
The icing on the cake? Ryely isn’t sure she can trust the one man she thought she could. 
Evil is still lurking in the shadows. How can Ryely survive each mounting problem? Will she have new help from a different front. Will it even matter? 

**Welcome to the world of Ryely Drakcon, an urban fantasy series with a slow-burn reverse harem in the making.

Bitter End

Trusting anyone has become a daunting task for London. 
Being the head of security at an exclusive club, London has to present herself as hard and unbending. The walls she has built are strong and unbreakable. Until she meets the one man who may just have the patience it takes to send them crumbling around her. 
Logan wants nothing more than to look after the beautiful siren who has stolen his heart. But can he get her to open up about her past? Healing is hard without any other obstacles, and the challenges they face make it even more difficult. Can they make it work and finally be together, or will it all come to a bitter end?

Painted Princess – The Tales of Ryely Drakcon Book 2

Ryely is back and stronger than ever. 
Still recovering at the Blackburn mansion from the run-in with her long lost brother, she can’t seem to catch a break. When unexpected visitors arrive, her world is quite literally being torn apart. 

Accepting a birthright she wants no part of is not an option for Ryely.

Left to anticipate another attack from her deranged brother leaves her wondering if he was really the mastermind behind the chaos. If life has taught Ryely anything, it’s that nothing is as simple as it seems. Something more sinister is lurking in the shadows. 

Will Ryely be able to figure it all out before lives are lost? 

What other long-buried secrets will come to light if she pretends to play along in this twisted game?

**Welcome to the world of Ryely Drakcon, an urban fantasy series with a slow-burn reverse harem in the making.

Deviating From The Spell – The Tales of Ryely Drakcon Book 1

Beyond her control, magic and mayhem reign. Sometimes being different is just out of this world. 
Being different than most, Ryely sits on the edge of it all. In a world where magic and the supernatural are common, her entire world is still torn apart.
When the line blurs between her personal life and her job, she becomes a target. No amount of magic can stop what’s coming for her. The tension between her and her partner Declan does not help matters. 
But time is of the essence.
The men in her life need to step up their game if they want to save her from the impending doom. 
Will they achieve the impossible? 
Or will Ryely finally break…because time is running out!

Concealed Magicks – Tiny Tale of Ryely Drakcon .5

Magic always comes at a cost. What will Ryely be willing to pay?

With a serial killer on the loose, Ryely has run out of options to help Declan Archer on his task force. There has been no magical elements at crime scenes. In fact, they are so clean she knows something is off, which only proves there is some undefined, concealed magic at play.
When evidence points to them in an uncertain direction, Ryely is compelled to collaborate with someone from her past that she would rather never see again. Though, if she wants to catch this killer, she has to get over her insecurities. Except asking for help has never been her strong suit, especially because nothing ever comes for free. 
When the assistance comes with conditions, what will Ryely be forced to give up or do? Will it be worth the risk to save the latest victims from this killer? 

Magical Brew – Prequel Tiny Tale of Ryely Drakcon .25

Trying to solve a murder without coffee, could be deadly.

When a killer targets the precinct of regulars, it’s up to Ryely to protect them while keeping her temper in check. Their dismissal of magic does not help matters, but she’s nothing if not determined. 

Will prejudice take the price of life, or will she look past their ignorance and show them how things are done? 

Ryely needs to decide if she will let them perish, or save the day magic style.

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